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At PGG Wrightson Seeds we believe that a robust research and plant breeding program is the foundation for developing great pasture cultivars. Our research protocols and standards, which are based on statistically validated experiments, are used to screen hundreds of new seed lines for performance against current standards. This rigour helps us to select elite material which can become our new and improved pasture varieties.

Over the last 25 years we’ve introduced more than 100 plant cultivars into Australia.  Each one undergoing rigorous development and testing to really deliver on the ground.

Don’t think it is all done in our research labs.  It might start there, but it doesn’t end until we field test our products on farms like yours.

Over 200 trials are completed every year at our 25 different research sites throughout the country.

This is the largest replicated trial programme for pastures in Australia.

The hub of all this research activity in Australia is at Leigh Creek, Ballarat, Victoria. This is further backed by the extensive resources of our Kimihia Research Centre, Lincoln, New Zealand.

The Result?

Every year, our seed varieties produce over 300,000 hectares of quality pasture throughout Australia.  PGG Wrightson Seeds now also exports to over 40 countries globally.

You are welcome to attend a tour of our research farm in Ballarat, Victoria.

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