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Superstrike contains a combination of seed protection and enhancement additives within this seed treatment.

  • Assists maximising seedling establishment and plant development
  • Effective against a range of common insects and diseases
  • Not harmful to beneficials such as earthworms
  • Cost effective compared with ‘broadacre’ control options
Recommended For
  • Use in all sub-surface and broadcast sowings in both cultivated and nil tillage situations
  • Poncho© Plus, a systemic insecticide for protection against RLEM, Blue Oat Mite, Cutworm and Lucerne Flea (suppression only). Please note, in some cases where high numbers of pests are present, a follow up insecticide treatment may be necessary
  • Apron fungicide effective against the ‘damping off’ diseases Pythium and Fusarium
  • Inoculated with nitrogen-fixing bacteria (rhizobia)
  • A fine lime base for localised pH correction around seedlings

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