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Understanding Lucerne

Lucerne is one the most widely used and adapted fodder species fit for a variety of farming situations.  It is commonly referred to as “The King of Fodders” and offers a number of benefits to Australian farmers.  Lucernes main growing period during spring, summer and autumn, offering the opportunity for farmers to produce high quality hay and or silage as well as finishing stock at times when stock prices can be at a premium.  

The benefits of growing lucerne are extensive and if done well, will repay many times over.  Some of the benefits include high quality feed, high dry matter production, flexibility of use, nitrogen fixed into the soil and it is a perennial species which means it should last for many years.

Key Points
  • How to increase the value of the feed produced
  • Break through developments in grazing tolerance
  • How to choose a lucerne 
  • Pest and disease ratings
  • Best management practices
Forage Focus
The following Forage Focus has been developed to give an in-depth guide to Lucerne and PGG Wrightson Seeds cultivars
Lucerne Varieties
Quality Lucerne Varieties

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