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Tankard type summer turnips are popular as a milking feed due to their exceptionally high yield potential from a single graze. They have good leaf to bulb ratio. Early maturing turnips provide summer feed to add to pastures for milk production for dairy cows. Late maturing turnips (120 days) provide autumn/early winter feed for young stock, milking or dry dairy cows.

Turnips are an extremely valuable crop because both the leaf and bulb are high quality feed. They are best utilised once they reach maturity and are generally managed as a once only grazed crop.

While turnips are not as drought tolerant as forage rapes they do tolerate insect pressure a little better than most forage rapes.

Barkant turnips produce high quality feed with a high metabolisable energy (ME)...
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Green Globe turnips are ideal for late autumn/winter feed in more challenging environments.

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