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Chicory is a perennial forage herb characterised by high nutritional quality. Chicory has the potential to produce high dry matter yields from spring to late autumn. A proven performer, chicory produces leafy top growth and is an excellent source of feed for finishing stock.


Key benefits include:

• Excellent drought tolerance
• Chicory based pastures can last up to 5 years or more
• Provides high quality feed throughout summer responding well to summer rain and/or irrigation
• Highly palatable and doesn’t cause bloat
• Recovers quickly after grazing
• Is an excellent source of potassium and magnesium for animals
• Good disease resistance and insect tolerance
• Can be grown in low pH soils 4.5(CaCl2) (Although over 5.5pH is recommended)
• Can be used for silage production as part of the pasture mix
• Deep taproot
• Responds well to nitrogen fertiliser application

Puna II is a true perennial chicory bred for improved animal performance.
Puna is a top performing perennial herb with an extensive taproot which...

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