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The versatile perennial all-rounder

Reward is a new generation tetraploid perennial ryegrass with Endo5 endophyte bred for the Australian farmer.

Reward is ideally suited to a broad range of farming systems including sheep, beef and dairy, making it a great all-round option. It is late maturing which means high quality feed for longer, especially at times when feed is needed most.

Key uses and benefits
  • Excellent persistence and dry matter production
  • Improved rust tolerance
  • Endo5 endophyte for broad spectrum pest control
  • No Lolitrem B (the main toxin that causes ryegrass staggers)

* Endo5 contains ergovaline for insect protection. It is recommended to avoid prolonged set-stocking or grazing fresh regrowth of such pastures during summer and autumn.

Sowing Rate
  • Sowing rates should be 20–30kg/ha
  • Bred for low aftermath heading
Rainfall Guide

Minimum 650mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

Forage Focus
An in-depth look at Reward Endo5
Andrew Sessions
Nathalia, Victoria – Dairy operation
'We found the Reward Endo5 really took off after grazing'

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