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Superstrike® coated seed recommended
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Highly winter active for premium lucerne hay production

Haymaster® 9 is a new lucerne to the Australian market. It is a great option for producers looking for a premium quality, highly winter active lucerne for hay and/or grazing. With the new salt tolerant trait, Haymaster 9 demonstrates increased germination and yield performance in marginally saline soils.

Haymaster 9 was developed by crossing elite high yielding plants that have the ability to germinate and produce forage under saline stress conditions. Haymaster 9 is also an excellent performing variety in non-saline conditions and was selected for high levels of tolerance to the major lucerne pests and diseases..

Key uses and benefits
  • Bred and selected for increased salt tolerance  
  • High yield potential 
  • Excellent persistence 
  • Suited to dryland and irrigated systems
Sowing Guide
  • Sowing rate should be 8-25kg/ha
Rainfall Guide
  • Minimum 350mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated
Forage Focus
An in-depth look at Haymaster® 9
Forage Focus
Understanding Lucerne

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