Gundagi, New South Wales

David Elworthy and his brother Jamie operate Burrenderry, a mixed farm 15km east of Gundagai in New South Wales. They run a self replacing flock of around 2000 Corridales and 60-70 cows, buying in supplementary steers and heifers. They also grow enough crops to be self-sufficient for their own needs, and occasionally plant an opportunity crop when conditions are suitable.

Getting the best out of their pastures during the harsh conditions of long term drought played an important role in the decision to plant Stamina GT6, a lucerne variety bred for persistence and grazing tolerance.

David said, “I’d been watching the early field trials of Stamina GT6 on a local property to evaluate it. We’d kept an eye on the Stamina GT6 line and were impressed with the persistence and grazing tolerance, being lucky enough to get seed the first year it was released to market.”

“I sowed down 20 hectares of Stamina GT6 that first year, and it’s still going strong six years later. I initially planted it out primarily for hay and for late grazing. The hay is good quality, but it’s the grazing tolerance that’s won me over.”

“We finish about 1000 second cross lambs each year and lucerne is an important tool for fattening them. Stamina GT6 has offered unparalleled persistence and grazing tolerance, and it’s been a big winner in our dryland conditions.”

“Because of drought there were several years that we weren’t able to plant lucerne, but for the last three years running, I’ve planted 42 hectares to Stamina GT6.

“I’m finding Stamina GT6 suitable to our area and our conditions. It’s definitely number one for persistence.”


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