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Tropical alternative to lucerne with 2,4-D herbicide tolerance

V8™ stylo is a tropical legume suited to hot, humid conditions experienced in the wet tropics. V8 stylo provides a palatable legume pasture suited to both beef grazing and hay production. It can be used for silage and hay because of its high protein value and fine stem and can be used in high fertility soils in waterlogging situations.

Key uses and benefits
  • Excellent in tropical crop rotation
  • 2,4-D tolerant
  • Suitable for sandy to light clay soil types
  • Rapid establishment
Sowing Guide
  • Sowing rate should be between 8-10 kg/ha for pure hay stands
  • Sowing rate should be 2-5kg/ha in mixed pastures
Rainfall Guide

Minimum 800mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

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