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Subterranean Clover

Superstrike® coated seed recommended
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Highly persistent with Red Legged Earth Mite resistance

Bindoon is a major breakthrough in subterranean clover. It offers the benefits of Red Legged Earth Mite resistance combined with highly productive mid season growth.

Bindoon is suited to a wide range of environments where sub clover is the base of a perennial pasture system. Red Legged Earth Mite resistance significantly increases the autumn and winter production as well as increases seed set which greatly enhances long term persistence.

Key uses and benefits
  • Resistant to Red Legged Earth Mite
  • High dry matter production during autumn and winter
  • Excellent seed set for increased persistence
  • Significantly higher winter production than Seaton Park
  • Ideally sown as part of a perennial pasture mix with grasses
Sowing Guide
  • Sowing rates should be 4-15kg/ha
  • Although Bindoon has Red Legged Earth Mite resistance, it is important to monitor the pasture for pest pressure to maximise establishment
Rainfall Guide

Minimum 425mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

Forage Focus
An in-depth look at Bindoon
Kybybolite, South Austalia
'I like Bindoon. I intend growing it again.'

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