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Ultrastrike® film coat seed recommended
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High yielding quality feed with excellent persistence

A high quality blend for farmers looking for high quality feed as well as large amounts of feed at critical times such as autumn and winter. The addition of white clovers increases the quality of feed. This is a premium perennial pasture blend designed to deliver excellent results.

Dairy Plus AR37 contains the following quality products:

Base AR37 - Tetraploid perennial ryegrass
Densely tillered high yielding with enhanced persistence from AR37 endophyte

Expo AR37 - Diploid perennial ryegrass
Very strong cool season growth resulting in excellent autumn and winter yields

Kopu II - White clover - Superstrike® coated
Delivers outstanding seasonal versatility and rapid growth recovery

Bounty - White clover  - Superstrike® coated
High production across a range of soil types

Key Uses And Benefits:
  • Excellent feed available through autumn and winter periods
  • Excellent persistence with the inclusion of AR37 novel endophyte
  • High performing white clovers to increase the quality of feed
Sowing Guide:
  • Sow at 20-30kg/ha
  • Graze at 8-12 weeks
Rainfall Guide:

Minimum 650mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated


For more information on AR37 endophyte and specifically animal health and performance visit

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