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Ultrastrike® film coat seed recommended
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Delivers quality feed for longer and is suitable for dryland and irrigated areas

A proven blend with a wide variety of uses for farmers looking for high quality feed. The clovers included offer late season growth.

Endurance Endo5 AR1 contains the following quality products:

Reward Endo5 - Tetraploid perennial ryegrass

Late maturing and high rust tolerance ensures high quality feed for longer

Excess AR1 - Diploid perennial ryegrass

Low aftermath heading for improved late season quality

Leura - Subterranean clover - Prillcote™ treated seed

Late maturing variety with outstanding production

Bounty - White clover - Superstrike® coated

High production across a range of soil types

Key Uses And Benefits:
  • Highly palatable and delivers quality feed
  • Suits dryland and irrigated situations
Sowing Guide:
  • Sow at 20-30kg/ha
  • Graze at 8-12 weeks
Rainfall Guide:

Minimum 550mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated


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