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Every PGG Wrightson Seeds mix contains a powerful combination of quality seed carefully selected to meet the challenges of individual local growing conditions.  

In fact, each mix has been developed by working closely with farmers, pasture specialists and local rural retailers.  People who really understand the land.

It’s about giving you the extra growing edge from the ground up.

Suppressor is a great all-rounder with long term persistence, good dry matter...
Ideal for the lighter textured red soils of Western Queensland and New...
Cracker is ideal for heavier black, self-mulching soils and grey flood plain...
Delivering high levels of dry matter production, Rigour is suitable for intensive...
Ideal for aerial seeding in to timbered or inaccessible areas.
Nitrogen rundown in pastures on Brigalow and Belah soils is becoming a...
Wet Feet offers increased persistence while also providing good late season growth.
Replenish delivers productivity and sustainability and is highly compatible to legume introduction...

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