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Increased dry matter and animal production in harsh environments

Ideal for the lighter textured red soils of Western Queensland and New South Wales.  Western Red can persist on the extremes of limited soil fertility and rainfall while remaining productive and persistent.

Western Red contains the following quality products:

Katambora - Rhodes grass - Envirogro® treated

Provides long term persistence in varying soil types and fertility levels

Premier Digit - Digitaria - Envirogro® treated

Highly palatable and productive cultivar under the harshest of environments

Supasab - Urochloa - Envirogro® treated

Responds quickly to rainfall, to be one of the fastest feed sources after extended dry periods

Gayndah/USA - Buffel - Envirogro® treated

Persistent, deep rooted and tufted perennial, two of the mainstays for lower rainfall environments

Wynn - Wynn cassia - Envirogro® treated

Unique ability to persist and perform on low fertility soils

Seca - Stylo - Envirogro® treated

Consistent performer even under the harshest environments

Silk - Sorghum

Provides excellent cover for establishing grasses and legumes

Key Uses And Benefits:
  • Persistent, productive grasses tolerant of harsh growing environments
  • Hardy legumes that provide an available protein source after feed quality has declined
Sowing Guide:
  • Sow at 4-7kg/ha
Rainfall Guide:

Minimum 350mm rainfall per annum

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