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Introducing Tropical & Subtropical Pasture Seed

For over 75 years PGG Wrightson Seeds have been working hand in hand with Australian farmers to deliver the best results on the land.

What makes our tropical seed different from the rest? The answer is simply Envirogro®. Envirogro® is a special seed treatment that provides the seedling with improved success rates and better seed flow when sowing.

Annual ryegrasses are a one year proposition which establish rapidly and provide...
Brachiaria is tolerant of water logging, salinity and very acid soils.
Guinea Grass is a clump-forming perennial which grows best in warm frost-free areas.
Stylos are perennial tropical legumes sown on a variety of soil textures...
Sulla is an exciting new biennial forage legume suited to neutral to...
thumb lucerne
Lucerne is a highly adaptable forage plant that offers many benefits to...
Perennial, twining and trailing legume for permanent pastures for beef-finishing and dairy...

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